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DOL-OWCP Federal Workers' Compensation

Our doctors are experienced in treating injured federal employees under the DOL-OWCP. We also have expert case managers that can help you file your claim properly. Our entire team is passionate about helping the great federal employees that keep our country going. Call today to learn why we are the preferred DOL doctors in North Texas.


Federal Workers Compensation Doctors

It’s never an easy time when you need to involve a federal workers compensation doctor, but it is a smart move when you want to protect your health and job. Getting injured on the job happens and often it occurs at no fault of your own. An OWCP doctor will be able to help you get the medical attention you need no matter how long your recovery is. During this time, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, and we’re here to help take off some of that stress.

Premium Medical Care

A federal workers compensation doctor will provide you with the care you need to recover and get back to your life. In some cases, you will only require a small amount of therapy, while others will require that you meet with the DOL doctor for over a year. A department of labor doctor will expect the different outcomes and be prepared for them.

In need of surgery? We can help with that, too! Call today to schedule a free orthopedic surgery consultation.

Accuracy with Paperwork

A federal workers compensation doctor will understand that accuracy with the paperwork is vital to the outcome of your case, and we’re thorough to ensure that the link between your injury the incident are clear to anyone that is reviewing it. The OWCP doctor will also be mindful of timeframes so that no deadlines are missed that could delay the process.

In-depth Industry Knowledge

You’ll want an OWCP doctor that not only understands the medical side, but knows how to communicate with lawyers, insurance companies, and others that are involved. Not all doctors will have the same industry knowledge, and when you’ve been injured on the job, you want a department of labor doctor that can guide you through the process and the recovery during this time in your life. Let us help you take those first steps towards your health and getting the resolution you deserve.



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