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Excellent Care for Auto Injuries in D/FW

We can work with your PIP insurance or attorney's Letter of Protection (LOP) to provide the best medical care for your auto injuries at no out-of pocket cost in most cases. We also provide free transportation to and from your appointment, free consultations, free attorney referrals (if representation is needed), and free claims assistance. We also have several locations that are conveniently located near you. Call 1-800-CLINICS or SCHEDULE ONLINE today for the help you need if you've been injured in a car accident!


Car Accident Injury

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A car accident can have a long-term affect upon your life. Whether it is you who were injured or a family member, you have to be sure that you make the right choice when you are choosing medical care. The most effective and appropriate care is the choice that takes care of your physical injuries in the most efficient way possible, which is why you want to be sure that you choose a provider that is experienced in dealing with a traumatic personal injury. Not only are we experienced in giving you appropriate medical care, but also the support you need and the resources you need to deal with a personal injury claim.

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There are many different injuries that you can receive due to a vehicle collision and, unfortunately, some of them are not immediately noticeable. While you may think that you have come out of the wreck without any injuries, it is possible that you could be diagnosed with an injury days or even weeks later. Unfortunately, this type of injury is usually very serious, which means a long recovery and recuperation process, full of pain, suffering, and financial expense.

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The most common auto accident injuries that occur include cuts, concussions, broken bones, whiplash, and internal injuries. Due to the fact that these accidents involve some very important body processes, including the nervous system, spine, etc., you can see why these accidents can be difficult to come back from. You will need not only immediate medical care, but also ongoing care that will include physical therapy and treatment. We will give you the care you need to be sure that you are given the best treatment possible that will help you to get results.

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In addition to great medical care, we are experienced in filing paperwork with insurance companies, which is important to keeping your financial stress down. Many regular medical providers are not as experienced in filing this particular type of personal injury claim, and this can be at a detriment to the patient and their family.

When you are injured in a car accident, you want to be sure that you get immediate medical care, as well as any follow up care that you may need. We offer all of the medical treatments that you need to come back from your traumatic accident and get back to living your life in the way you did previous to your accident.



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