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Personal Injury Doctors

Our personal injury doctors and chiropractors are experienced in treating auto injury, truck accidents, work injury, slip and falls, and other types of personal injury.

If you've suffered a personal injury call our compassionate team of health care providers. We'll work with your attorney (if needed) to provide prompt and comprehensive care and treatment. Don't waste your time dealing with an inexperienced personal injury doctor. Call 1-800-CLINICS today!


Personal Injury Doctors

A personal injury can feel hopeless when you don’t have the medical care that you need. At 1800 Clinic, we’re here to make this time less overwhelming for you so that you can regain your health and feel like yourself again. A personal injury doctor will understand the impact car accidents, slip and falls, and manufacturer defects and malfunctions that can have on your body when you weren’t expecting them and they were not your fault. Our personal injury doctor is here for you and your recovery.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Help

Some people may wait to get help because they don’t know to turn to a personal injury doctor. It’s important that you know there is help available, and we are excellent when it comes to communicating with lawyers and insurance companies. You shouldn’t have to push through the pain because you don’t know where to turn, and our clinic is here so that you can make an appointment with a personal injury doctor.

You Don’t Have To Go Through This Alone

When you call a personal injury doctor, you’ll find that you’re surrounded by support that is designed to improve your strength so that you can go back to doing those things in life that make you happy. We know that it can feel like you’re alone during this troubling time, but we’re here for you.

Consult a Personal Injury Doctor

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, and don’t know where to turn, then take the time to consult a personal injury doctor today. There are many people that have found they can be compensated and fully recovery from their injuries, and it’s important that you give yourself a chance to live a healthy life. Let an experienced personal injury doctor provide you with information today about how they can help you during this time.



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If you've been injured at work or an automobile accident you have the right to choose your treating doctor.
Choose an experienced personal injury doctor who knows how to properly treat your injury.