Who Decides How Much My Benefits Will Be For Workers’ Compensation?

You may be eligible for workers’ compensation when you are injured at your place of employment. Typically, under the workers’ compensation system, you will have your medical expenses paid for and you will have some sort of compensation for the time you have to miss because of your injury. In some cases, you will have assistance finding work elsewhere if you are unable to perform your normal duties at your current employer due to your injuries. But expenses can rack up from seeing a workers’ compensation doctor, paying for prescriptions or rehab, and taking care of normal life expenses. So who actually pays for all or most of these expenses and who decides what gets paid and does not get paid? Do you have any say in how much money you get from your workers’ compensation benefits? Here at 1-800-Clinics, we’re here to answer those questions for you.

Who Will Pay For My Benefits And Medical Care?

Most employers purchase workers’ compensation insurance policies through a private third party company, just like you would for your personal home or auto insurance. If there is an injury, your company files a claim with that insurance company and your benefits are then taken care of from that insurance company. So in most cases, an insurance company is paying for your benefits, not your actual employer, even though there are expenses they do have to pay for during this process.

How Much Will I Receive When I Have To Miss Work?

As far as your salary goes, if you are unable to work, you are typically paid a percentage of your normal paycheck. Each situation is different, so you will need to get with your employer to find out the exact amount, but it is pretty rare to receive 100% of your normal salary. All companies are required by law to have workers’ compensation for their employers, but it is possible for an employer not to have workers’ compensation in place for their employers, though it is rare. Your best bet is to ask management or your human resources department about their insurance policy and how it affects your situation if you are ever injured on the job.

If you have been injured at your job or have further questions regarding an injury, call to schedule a free consultation or visit our site for free claims assistance. At 1-800-Clinics, we can help you find the right workers’ compensation doctor or answer any questions related to an injury that occurred at work.