Helpful Tips for Returning to Work After an Injury

Returning to work after an injury should not be a rushed decision. Some employees might feel pressured to return to work quickly after incurring an injury. However, injured workers must be careful not to return to work too soon, before they are fully ready, or risk reinjuring themselves. Before going back to work, be sure to follow these tips.

Have a Doctor’s Release Before Returning to Work

Consult with your doctor when you feel you are ready to go back to work. Schedule a visit with your workman’s compensation doctor to discuss your progress and how you are feeling about your injury. Your doctor may feel you are ready to return back to work and advise you as to what restrictions you should follow. If your doctor feels that you are ready to go back to work, but you don’t feel ready, discuss possible options such as returning slowly, starting with a few duties and working up to full time.

Listen to Your Body

You are the best advocate for your body, so listen to what it’s telling you. Be aware of how you are healing and don’t return if you aren’t ready, especially without a doctor’s permission. Finances might be tight and so you feel obligated to return to work, but consult with a worker’s compensation attorney to ensure you receive all benefits available to injured workers.

Follow Any Restrictions

When you have been released to return to work, be sure to have a copy of your restrictions from the doctor available for you and your employer. If these restrictions aren’t followed carefully, you risk reinjuring yourself and starting the process all over again. For instance, your doctor could release you to go back to work, but with lighter duties to start out. The recovery of injured workers is the most important, so pay careful attention and follow all restrictions.

Be Aware Of Steps to Follow if Reinjury Occurs

If you do injure yourself again after returning to work, it is important to know what steps to follow. Contact your employer to let them know the situation and then your worker’s compensation lawyer. A worker’s comp attorney will advise on your next course of action as injured workers must follow the proper steps to receive all benefits eligible to them.