Common Injuries That Occur On the Job

Getting injured on the job is hard to be prepared for because you simply don’t think it will happen to you. However, if it does, you should be prepared to call a federal workers compensation doctor. But before you get injured and need to bring in a federal workers compensation doctor to help with your claim and recovery, here are a few common injuries that occur on the job so that you can try to avoid them as best you can.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are a common reason people need to bring in the federal workers compensation doctor. They can occur due to slick surfaces that don’t have the proper warnings, as well as when you make a reaction trying to avoid obstacles that are misplaced and in the way.

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Repetitive Motions

Repetitive motions are something that many jobs will require, and you can combat these with stretches and taking normal breaks to try to move your body and stay stretched out.

Falling Objects

Objects falling can cause very serious injuries, and when you are simply walking from one point to another at work, and a misplaced object falls on you, you will want to immediately call a federal workers compensation doctor. Neck injuries are common when this occurs, and your spine can be effected. Be sure you if a falling object lands on you at work, you don’t continue trying to push through your workday.

Car Accidents

If you drive as part of your job, then a car accident is a potential risk that can cause an injury. When the accident is at no fault of your own, you will need to be sure that you seek the care of a DOL doctor and get the recovery and compensation that you deserve. It’s understandable that you want to get back to work as soon as possible, but trust that this is a time when you will want to take your time and make sure you go through the process of recovery as the doctor orders.

Entangled by Machine

Machines are a big part of many workspaces, and getting entangled in them will cause some serious injuries to your body. A federal workers compensation doctor will be able to help you through this time, and guide you through the claims, as well as speak with legal representatives, employers, and insurance companies.