5 Things to Know About Workers Compensation

Most people might not have to worry about workers compensation or finding the right workers compensation doctor in their area. But unfortunately, accidents can and do happen from time to time, which is why it’s important to be familiar with the process and to seek out help if you ever find yourself in a workplace related injury.

1. Always report to your supervisors about an injury or illness.

Not only is it common practice to notify your supervisors when you get injured or when you’re starting to feel ill, it’s also important to notify them in order to begin any workers compensation related processes within the workplace. Having open communication with your supervisors and managers within the workplace is ideal for any workers compensation related procedures.

2. Find and get treatment from the right medical providers.

If your injury is severe enough, you may not have much choice in where you go for medical attention – if you’re sent in an ambulance, which will be directed to a closer or more ideal medical facility for treatment. However, if the injury is less severe, you may instead be directed to medical providers based on agreements your employer has established in your workers compensation programs.

3. You can choose your own doctor, but…

You’re entitled to choose your own doctor if you’re not fond of the doctor your employer recommends, but know that you may then not be eligible for workers compensation benefits, even if that doctor is advertised as a workers compensation doctor. It’s still possible to get the benefits in some situations, but you won’t be automatically entitled to them if you opt out of workers compensation doctors recommended by your employer.

4. Notify medical professionals that you were injured on the job.

When you’re visiting the hospital or doctor’s office for treatment, make sure to notify them that you were injured on the job, which will help you to fill out the correct paperwork related to workers compensation and workplace injuries. This way the bills can be directed to the proper destinations, rather than you.

5. File all paperwork carefully and correctly.

Failing to file claims with your workplace could mean a loss of benefits from the workers compensation program. It’s always worth taking your time when filling out paperwork and asking for help from your company or an experienced workers compensation doctor.

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