4 Reasons Your OWCP Claim May Be Denied

Filing an OWCP claim is a difficult process that requires following the proper steps. Any hiccup in the process can cause your OWCP claim to be denied. Get the benefits you deserve and ensure that your claim isn’t terminated. Here are some tips to be aware of when going through the claims process.

A Doctor’s Report Isn’t Filed Correctly

Unbeknownst to many, choosing a federal workers compensation doctor is actually an important step in the claims process. An OWCP doctor is responsible for your health as well as filling out necessary paperwork and documentation for your claim. Choose a federal workers compensation doctor that is knowledgeable about OWCP claims so that you know the paperwork will be filled out accurately and in a timely manner. A good OWCP doctor will take into consideration both your health and the process of documentation to ensure that you receive the necessary benefits you need to fully recover. So take the time to choose a federal workers compensation doctor that will fight for what you deserve.

You Fail to Follow Doctors Orders or Comply to Additional Exams

After choosing a federal workers compensation doctor and making an initial visit, you will then be given instructions to follow so that you can get well and return back to work. Failure to comply with these orders could cause your OWCP benefits to be terminated. Furthermore, your employer could ask for a second opinion and request that you see another OWCP doctor. Failure to comply could also result in loss of benefits. It is crucial that you follow every order given so that you can keep your benefits and get back on your feet again.

Inconsistent Medical Records

While you may have no idea what your medical records say, your cleaning company could have the right to request access to them to check them against what you have reported on your claim. Again, an expert federal workers compensation doctor is an essential part of filing your claim correctly as they can help you fill out paperwork accurately.

No Suitable Job Replacement Is Accepted

If your injury is extensive and doesn’t allow you to return to your former job, a replacement must be found in order to continue receiving disability benefits. A federal workers compensation doctor will list out your physical abilities so that you know exactly what you can and can’t do when searching for a new job. This will make it easier to find a job that meets your physical requirements so you can return back to work while still receiving some benefits to help you make a full recovery.

An OWCP doctor and pharmacy is a crucial part of filing a claim and continuing to receive benefits, so consult with others and ask around to find a highly recommended OWCP doctor to work on your side.